Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working With Merchants

Contacting the merchant of your interested program isan ideal way to increase your sales, which can saveyou a lot of time and heartache. Once you contactthe merchant, be sure to let them know what you aredoing to promote their products, and ask for theiradvice when it comes to marketing.
The merchant will know the product the best, and they will have a good idea of the strategies that arebeing used by other affiliates to make sales. Bycontacting the merchant, you'll also show them thatyou are dedicated to succeeding with affiliatemarketing.
Contacting the merchant also shows your enthusiasmfor marketing their products and services. Anymerchant who knows affiliate marketing also knowsthat over 90% of sales are generated by less than5% of the affiliates. Good merchants recognize yourefforts and provide you with information and resourcesand may even boost your commission rates!
Dealing with merchantsIf you email a merchant and they don't respond, tryagain. If they still aren't responding, you shouldthink again about continuing the partnership, as alack of communication can indicate other problems as well - such as payment.
Keep in mind that many merchants make big promises,and set a high payout rate knowing that very fewaffiliates will actually meet it. This isn't a good way to do business, and you should avoid working with these types of merchants.
CommunicationWhen you communicate with merchants, you should ensure that you use a professional tone. If youhave suggestions of how a merchant can improve theiroffers, you should let them know. Many merchantsappreciate feedback, and know that any feedback theyreceive can improve their programs.
Wise merchants always understand that good affiliatesare hard to find and will treat them with respect, assist with resources, and be prompt with payments.Wise affiliates are the same way, and understandthat merchants want quality promotion and salesperformance.
To get the most out of your partnership, you shouldalways be professional and understanding with yourmerchant. Good merchants are always busy, which maymake them seem like they aren't that good. They will answer your questions and emails, although itmay take them a little bit of time.
The longer you work with a merchant, the more you'llunderstand how they do things. If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, a merchantcan help you understand how things work. If youlisten to them and show initiative, you'll be well on your way to making it to the top.

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